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wibble puppy

burn the land, boil the sea; you can't take the sky from me

I live in Wales with my husband and two cats. We moved to an ancient run-down farmhouse at the end of July 2009 and are still, gradually, renovating it. We now have running water, functioning drains, and heating!

I love making things, especially small things. Weaving appeals to me and I am particularly interested in medieval silkwork (weaving narrow bands for use as belts etc, and finger-braiding cords) and (woven) tapestry of the medieval and Coptic periods. I'm always up for learning new stuff, from woodwork to knitting.

I've had M.E. (CFS, CFIDS, fibromyalgia, whatever you want to call it) since late 2001, and on 12 February 2002 had to leave my wonderful job and have not been able to work since. I WILL GET BETTER.

Almost all my journal entries are visible only to "friends". This is not because I have terrible secrets, it's just that I kind of like to know who's reading my ramblings. If you'd like a peek behind the baize door just give me a shout.